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Charitable Activities - Introduction

From their earliest days, charity and education have been principal elements in the role of the guilds and Livery Companies. One of the first charitable tasks undertaken by the early guilds was the care of their members in sickness and old age. By the early fifteenth century, the Vintners' Company had established "thirteen little mansions" on the site of the Hall to be let to poor and needy men of the craft.

These were destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666 and subsequently rebuilt at Mile End where they were maintained until they too were destroyed during the 1939-45 war. After the war, new homes were built at Nutley in Sussex.

In 1997 Nutley was sold and the funds raised were used to build bungalows at The Benevolent Society's "Vintry" site at Eastbourne.

Further bungalows were added in 2000, maintaining this 600-year-old duty into the new millennium.

In addition to this traditional use of charitable funds, The Vintners' Company has broadened its giving into areas such as education and support for the wine trade.

The Company has two charitable vehicles:

The Vintners' Foundation

The Vintners' Foundation incorporates two older Trusts - Vintners' Gifts Charity and The Vintners' Company Charitable Foundation.

The Vintners' Foundation services the Company's current policy for charitable giving which is:

  • Predominately to those charities with a connection to the wine trade, be they alcohol abuse in all its forms, the organisations which provide facilities for sufferers, or alcohol education
  • Charities which look after the needy in the wine trade
  • These charities will normally be located, or have a specific operation in Greater London
  • Some schools located in Greater London will also be considered
  • It will be unusual to donate to charities associated with research
  • Charities nominated by members of the Company

More information specific to members of the Company can be found in the Members' Resources Area under 'Charity'

Lent Halls

"Lent Halls” are loans of the Company’s Hall at no charge to outside charities, for them to hold a fundraising event, usually a dinner, but sometimes a lunch, quiz night or Hall tour.  For a list of Charities which have been provided with this facility since 2009, please click HERE

Recipients of Grants

For a list of grants made since 2011 please click HERE

Save Our Swans

This Trust provides support for the Swan Sanctuary at Shepperton, Middlesex and Swan LifeLine at Eton, Berkshire.

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